Sciara Progetti is an artistic production company founded in 2009 by a group of young professionals who, after years of experience and training in Germany, England, Spain, Chile and Argentina, decided to settle in Emilia-Romagna Region in 2012. For years Sciara Progetti has resided at the Verdi Theater in the city of Fiorenzuola D’Arda (PC), a location obtained by winning a public tender issued by the Municipality.
In 2021 Sciara obtained from MiBACT the support of the FUS as artistic production company, and from MiU the accreditation for the year 2021/2022 Directorial Decree n.950 of 16.06.2021 as collaborating body of the Scholastic Institutions for the promotion and realization of initiatives for the valorization of creativity themes.
Sciara Progetti has built part of its identity around an intense tour, along all national roads and beyond. Reaching out to the public that has less chance and few opportunities of meeting the Theater and bringing it closer to the artistic moment is one of the primary objectives of Sciara.
The most important aim is to encourage the creation of a social environment where the theater is seen as an important resource to draw on not only for the creation of a conscious spectator, but also of a better citizen.

Action Synergy is an organisation which is an expert in the development and implementation of e-learning courses, non-formal education seminars (theater-based techniques included), as well as in the creation of synergies between organisations working in various fields.
They are also an expert in the organization of international mobility and European projects from 1987 when the organisation was established. Action Synergy has worked for many years with the use of theater as a tool to promote social inclusion, both in online and offline training seminars and creation of materials.
They have long expertise on digital and “analog” theater workshops for teachers working with migrant children, as well as for professionals. The thematics on the theater workshops focus on social matters, such as inclusion, gender violence, bullying, etc.

The University of Seville, founded in 1505, is today a reference in the Spanish and European university system. More than 70,000 students enrolled in the last academic years corroborate this, making it the second Spanish university and the first Andalusian university in number of enrolments in its hundred degrees and more than 160 master’s degrees.

Its commitment to knowledge and its contribution to scientific, cultural and humanistic progress also make it stand out in the generation of patents, an area in which it holds second place at national level. The University of Seville takes part of the Ulysseus European University, an excellency-recognized university, internationally attractive, open to the world, persons-centered and entrepreneurial European University. Within the framework of the University of Seville, the Faculty of Psychology offers a bachelor’s degree in psychology, seven master’s degrees and two doctoral programmes. This faculty is known for its research excellence, always directed towards meeting the needs of the most vulnerable groups and towards a more egalitarian society.

“EUNOIA Skopje” is a dynamic organization established in 2020 in North Macedonia, specializing in European projects under the prestigious Erasmus+ programme. Our primary focus is on empowering and engaging with young people, making us a prominent player in the field of youth development. However, our reach extends beyond youth to include School Education and Adult Education as well.
In addition to youth-oriented projects, we actively contribute to the advancement of School Education. We collaborate with schools to implement innovative teaching methodologies, curriculum development, and teacher training programs. This enables us to positively impact the quality of education and educational outcomes in our community.
In conclusion, EUNOIA Skopje, through its involvement in European projects, is committed to empowering young people, improving educational systems, and supporting lifelong learning for adults. Our varied activities, in collaboration with partners and participants, continue to drive positive change and growth in our community and beyond.